What’s the Too Confronted lip injection on TikTok? Magic lip gloss make-up development returns

TikTok has helped a lot of different things go viral. One of the craziest is the lip gloss Too Faced, which makes it look like you’ve had lip injections, and some users swear by it. Here’s what you need to know.

The rise of TikTok has given way to a new wave of social media stars and trends, from emojis to face filters to more love.

Additionally, a number of different products have gone viral wildly, causing users to grab the products and grab them. Who can forget the enthusiasm for the Amazon leggings or the “secret” Starbucks orders?

Now the Too Faced lip gloss trend is on the rise again as some makeup gurus swear by the results even if there is some itchiness from applying the gloss.

PixabayTikTok continues to be a huge success.

What is the Too Faced TikTok lip gloss?

The trend was already noticeable on TikTok in early 2020 when the posts started exaggerating how good the lip gloss was.

Some users assumed this was all a trick and that some sort of face filter was involved. However, as the trend gained momentum, it became clear that the lip gloss was working.

As thousands of posts show, after a few minutes your lips will look like they’ve had a few injections and look pretty plump when you apply the lip gloss. Although some users have said that while applying the lip gloss helps but stings a little, that’s part of the point.

@mikkzazonI’m so dead, HAHAHA, waiting for it #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #lipchallenge # toofaced ♬ Original sound – Mik Zazon

A post where TikToker nessaranndazzo used it on her boyfriend said the whole point is to make your lips tingle so they look plumper than ever.

In the rather fun post, her boyfriend described the deafness in detail but got a little upset over time. Safe to say the lip gloss worked.

@nessaranndazzodo that to your friend !!! #toofaced #lipinjetions #lipgloss #plump #plumplips #fyp #funny #foryou #boyfriend # baby ♬ original sound – nessa

How to Get the Too Faced Lip Gloss TikTok Loves

If you want to get your hands on them now, it doesn’t cost a lot and is available on a fairly regular basis. Many makeup stores in the UK stock it for around 22 pounds.

In the US, you can download it directly from the Too Faced website. The price is around $ 29.

It’s a trend that hasn’t died and pops up every now and then. So if you haven’t tried, it might be worth doing.

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