Walker Hayes Is Going Viral for His “Fancy Like” TikTok Dance

Many things in life are uncertain. Most of the time we don’t know when we’re going to die. We don’t know if that special person who loves us will feel this way forever or if we will ever live out our dreams to the full. But one thing is certain: we will look back at some of the most viral TikTok craziness and collectively terrified that this app has become such a widespread human phenomenon.

But today is not that day, and Walker Hayes is taking advantage of it with his viral TikTok dance.

Walker Hayes helped promote his song “Fancy Like” with this TikTok dance.

For one reason or another, people performing half-hearted dance routines to music in short video clips have become a new form of entertainment that our species has an obviously voracious appetite for. Whatever your take on trending dance madness, it’s undeniable that TikTok helped bring the careers of some artists into the stratosphere.

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Take the song “Streets” by Doja Cat from her album “Hot Pink” from November 2019. The collection of songs offers blast after blast, and everything comes to a head with the wistful, hate-that-I-won’t-stop-myself- Longing-for-that-special-person-track. A year and a half after its release, however, “Streets” became a huge hit thanks to the Silhouette Challenge.

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This is exactly what Walker Hayes did when he danced to his track “Fancy Like” with his daughter on the social media platform. The OG clip has garnered millions and millions of views showing the father-daughter duo rattling off coordinated dance moves to a song that ironically talks about a three-course meal at Applebee as the pinnacle of elegance.

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He decided to keep the trend up by bringing more members of his family into the action, with each of the clips receiving many and many views and embedding the song in the ears of more and more people.

This isn’t the first time a social media trend has been used to add leeway to a song.

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The mind-blowing “Black Beatles” track by Rae Sremmurd owes all of its popularity to the Mannequin Challenge, which was a huge ploy to get people to stream the song while they were recording their respective videos. Multiple attempts to record these videos have boosted the numbers on Sremmurd’s single, making the track a chart topper.

Sooooo … I just heard “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes and I just have to say that … I better not hear any of you opening your lips and saying something that Breland or Willie Jones or Kane Brown or Mickey or anyone else is doing “Is not a country” …

– Rissi Palmer (@RissiPalmer) June 25, 2021

Source: Twitter

While Walker Hayes definitely does a lot of self-promotion to add some airplay to his music, he at least seems to be having fun doing it. Which means that reviews like these about his music probably don’t bother him too much.

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