Updates to Potential Attain and pre-campaign estimates

Today we’re announcing updates on Potential Reach and some of our pre-campaign estimates.

Current status: On October 5, 2021, the designation “Potential reach” will be changed to “Estimated target group size”. Estimated audience size generally estimates how many people meet the targeting and ad placement criteria that advertisers select when creating an ad.

From October 5, 2021, we will start moving estimates into areas before the campaign: This includes the estimated target group size, associated estimates in the reach and frequency and campaign planner and – if interest categories are used – an estimate of the number of people within an interest category. Currently we are presenting estimated daily results (e.g. estimated daily reach and estimated daily conversions) as a range, and as part of an ongoing product development initiative to ensure consistency of metrics, we are moving these estimates to ranges rather than individual prior to the campaign Counting. Reaches also match how estimates are presented on other platforms in the advertising industry prior to the campaign.

For more information, see the Facebook Business Blog and Help Center.

Breaking change for developers on October 27, 2021

For advertisers and partners using the APIs listed below, moving to Spaces is a game-changing API change. Developers can begin implementing the following code changes starting October 13th and have until October 27th when the critical change occurs.

  • Range estimation – affected endpoint gr: get: AdAccount / reachestimate
    • The field users are hired
    • We’re introducing two new fields: users_lower_bound, users_upper_bound
  • Size of the interested target group – affected endpoint gr: get: AdAccount / targetingsearch
    • The Audience_size field is set
    • We’re introducing two new fields: Audience_size_lower_bound, Audience_size_upper_bound
  • Custom Audience – Affected endpoints gr: get: / search: customaudience, gr: get: AdAccount / customaudiences
    • The approximation_count field is discarded
    • We are introducing two new fields: approximation_count_lower_bound, approx_count_upper_bound
  • Reach and frequency – affected endpoints gr: get: AdAccount / reachfrequencypredictions, gr: post: AdAccount / reachfrequencypredictions
    • The target_audience_size field is set
    • We’re introducing two new fields: Audience_size_lower_bound
    • Audience_size_upper_bound

This blog will be updated on October 13, 2021 with links to developer documentation and the changelog as the code becomes available for implementation.

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