TikTok Video Reveals White Lady Harassing Group Of Black Troopers, Calling Them ‘S***baggage’ at Virginia IHOP

Video clips were posted on the TikTok social media platform last week showing a white woman molesting some black soldiers in an IHOP restaurant in Virginia.

According to The Army Times, the incident happened last Monday at an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) when a white woman appeared at a table where several black soldiers were seated and sat down and started harassing them like she did ” s ** “called * bags. The confrontation was shared on the TikTok platform.

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One of the soldiers asked her to “please go away” after looking another soldier in the face as she kept giving them names. The soldier then asks her to leave and he had to step into another cabin when she blocked him from where he was sitting.

Joe Jeffers Jr., who uses the screen name musiqcitizen on TikTok, posted the following video clip:

@ musiqcitizen ## AllLivesMatter ## SayNoToRacism ## BLM ♬ original sound – Joé Jeffers Jr.

When other clients intervened to get rid of the woman, she started causing problems with some of the other clients at IHOP while continuing to make a spectacle of herself during her mini-tirade. When an Air Force vet steps in to help, the belligerent woman threatens the man when he comes to defend the soldiers.

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