TikTok mother’s ‘banana lollipop’ trick is the proper hack for hungry infants

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This mom has the perfect way to serve her little one a banana – and she is taking TikTok by storm!

This quick, step-by-step video, known as the “Banana Lollipop” hack, went viral for clever snack-time inspiration and viewed over 2.5 million times!

Mom and TikToker, known online as @everydaypursuitsfam, blew the internet apart when she uploaded this baby food hack.

Your banana lollipop hack is super easy: just cut the banana in half, remove 2 inches from the top, give it to your baby – and you have it! Now the baby can enjoy their banana with less clutter and more motor exercise!

As @everydaypursuitsfam explained in the comments on the video, her baby, Luna, started BLW, or baby-guided weaning, when she was 7 months old.

Baby-guided weaning is defined simply as the practice of letting babies feed themselves.

According to BabyLedWeaning.com, the only major difference between BLW and traditional weaning is the order in which children learn to eat. “With a puree, they learn to swallow first and then to chew, which works well, until they hit a lump. With BLW babies learn to chew first and swallowing could come some time later. “

And it seems this banana lollipop hack is perfect for BLW babies!

Parents love the simple but clever banana lollipop hack

With hundreds of thousands of “likes” it is clear that this hack is a parent’s favorite.

“We did BLW, so our daughter had solids from 6 months of age. We did this so she could keep it easy! “Said one user.

But beyond BLW, this banana hack seems to be helpful for kids with sensory issues.

“Thank you very much! I’ll try my little one. He has sensory problems,” said one parent.

“My son hates the way bananas feel, but he loves bananas, which is a great idea,” said another.

But it wasn’t just the banana hack that TikTok users loved. It was the star of the video too, Baby Luna!

The story goes on

“She’s the cutest baby ever !!!” passed out a user.

“The Lil Haaaaaiiir on their Heaaaaddddd!” shouted another.

Whether or not parents practice baby-guided weaning at home, this clever banana hack is obviously quite a scrub for TikToker everywhere!

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