TikTok Assessments Creator Market API That Offers First-Social gathering Knowledge

TikTok has created an API for its in-house influencer marketplace that enables early partners to access real-time campaign data from first-party providers.

Back in 2019, TikTok announced a new influencer marketing platform, Creator Marketplace, which improves the way brands connect with creative campaign agencies. Now TikTok is launching a new “Creator Marketplace API” that enables marketers to connect directly to influencers on TikTok and to tap into first-party data.

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TikTok’s Creator Marketplace enables marketers to find TikTok personalities and create and track campaigns with them. With the new API, you can now access and extract data first hand, such as:

The new API is currently only available to Alpha Partners, but the company is expected to officially announce its wider availability in September.

Captiv8 is one of the partners and has tested the API with an NRF top 50 dealer. The dealer’s test campaign resulted in a “significant increase” in several key metrics that were above the Nielsen average.

These included familiarity (+ 4% above average), affinity (+ 6%), purchase intention (+ 7%) and intention to recommend (+ 9%). The API enabled the company to pull real-time metrics from the TikTok Creator Marketplace API along with audience demographics, influencer offers and activations.

In addition, it offers a range of tools to increase brand content and monitor campaign performance.

Other early Alpha partners testing the API include Influential with its Fortune 1000 brand customer base, DoorDash, which has launched several influencer campaigns on TikTok and plans to collaborate with McDonald’s USA, INCA Global.

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