Kyran and his brother-in-law Invoice are TikTok’s favourite dynamic duo

At first glance, some might think Kyran and his brother-in-law Bill are an unlikely couple. But the dynamic duo from Australia use humor to change minds and hearts, one TikTok at a time.

Kyran is an Australian Aboriginal and Bill has Down syndrome. For the past decade, Bill has lived with Kyran three days a week, but the in-laws were quarantined during the lockdown and their foray into social media fame began when The Brother Boys began.

Now they have over 418,000 TikTok followers eager to see what they do next.

One of her most popular videos with over 18 million views shows her chemistry.

“Pick up brother boys from work,” Kyran signed the video of waiting in the car.

The clip shows Bill leaving the supermarket, which he is working on, as if he had just got through a very long day. But as soon as he spots Kyran, his face lights up. The two met in the car and began dancing to a remix of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten”.

In another clip, Kyran shared how he and Bill bonded as outsiders.

“When you meet your girlfriend’s strange brother …” Kyran said, winking at the camera. “And now he’s your best buddy for 10 years. And you’re just as weird as him. ”

Then the camera cuts to Bill, who is dancing in the car, beating his chest and sticking out his tongue.

Kyran stated in the comment section that even if he and Bill’s sister ever split, he and Bill are “brothers for life” and that “he is also the best uncle for my daughter.”

Then there was the time when Bill Kyran was playing a prank. He told Kyran to get up and turn around. Then Bill wrapped his arms around him and told Kyran to wrestle his way out. When Bill asked him to change roles, Kyran made a playful groan as Kyran put his arms around him.

“Brother Boy thinks he’s funny,” Kyran wrote in the headline.

The video generated over 1 million views on TikTok.

“That was fun, buddy,” commented one user.

The story goes on

“He got you full!” said another.

“I’ll get my brother with it, thanks for the idea,” someone added.

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