YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: AnEsonGib claims TikTok stars ‘couldn’t promote meals to a ravenous individual’ in construct as much as occasion

YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing: AnEsonGib claims TikTok stars couldn’t sell food to a starving person in the run-up to the event

The YouTube vs TikTok boxing event is happening this month and AnEsonGib has fired huge shots at Bryce Hall and the other TikTokers fighting on the map.

The British YouTuber was a late announcement for the fight but was a big one as he was chosen by fans to attend the event and he will face Tayler Holder that night.

AnEsonGib has already entered the ring but things didn’t go well for him as he was easily beaten by Jake Paul and lost that fight in the first round.

That will have been a tremendous learning curve for him though and no doubt he will be training a lot more to get him at his best on June 12th.

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AnEsonGib is making big claims ahead of the YouTube vs TikTok boxing event

The YouTuber spoke on The Fellas Podcast, which is run by fellow YouTubers Chip and Calfreezy.

The hosts claimed that one of the main fighters, Hall, only signed up for the fight because of the money he was offered. That put AnEsonGib off and he’s started making some huge claims.

In an interview with Calfreezy, he proudly revealed a lot of exclusive information behind the scenes. He said, “You won’t make any money back with Bryce” [Hall], It’s the YouTubers who generate the sales.

“The TikTokers couldn’t sell food to a starving person. They are renegades, there is nothing they can do. “

Watch the video Here.

Hall is slated to fight Austin McBroom that night, and the two already clashed at the press conference, so it should be wildly entertaining.

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Bryce also made more headlines when he revealed how much money he reportedly made the night after the fight and what bonuses there are.

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Therefore, the American will not like what AnEsonGib has to say and the latter may already have found his next opponent should he want to fight again.

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