Writing and linting Python at scale

Python plays a big part at Meta. It powers Instagram’s backend and plays an important role in our configuration systems, as well as much of our AI work.

Meta even made contributions to Python 3.12, the latest version of Python.

On this episode of the Meta Tech Podcast, Meta engineer Pascal Hartig (@passy) is joined by Amethyst Reese, a production engineer at Meta, to discuss all things Python at Meta.

They discuss: how Meta’s Python Foundation Team works to improve the developer experience of everyone working with Python at Meta; Fixit 2, Meta’s recently open-sourced linter framework; and what exactly the role of production engineer at Meta entails.

For more from Amethyst, be sure to read her blog post: Fixit 2: Meta’s next-generation auto-fixing linter

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The Meta Tech Podcast is a podcast, brought to you by Meta, where we highlight the work Meta’s engineers are doing at every level – from low-level frameworks to end-user features.

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