Wike slams APC on plot to control social media

Dennis Naku, Port Harcourt

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike says it is hypocritical for the All Progressives Congress to contemplate banning or regulating social media after using it to trick Nigerians into power.

He argued that the APC-led government had failed miserably and wanted to use its disagreement with Twitter as a false premise to quell criticism of the government’s appalling treatment of the nation’s affairs through the dubious regulation of social media.

The governor who made this statement at the inauguration of nine reconstructed streets including Nzimiro, Herbert Macaulay, Amasoma, Arochukwu, Atako, Ogoja, Akure, Yola and Chinwo in the Old Government residential area of ​​Port Harcourt on Thursday evening.

The governor stated in a statement by his special assistant for the media, Kelvin Ebiri, on Friday morning that APC, which has become the subject of jokes on social networks, is keen to trample on Nigerian freedom of expression.

“You have misled the country. They told us lies on social media. The same social media that you used to take over government, the same social media that you want to regulate and ban. The same social media you used to tell the Nigerians lies about former President Goodluck Jonathan not doing it as PDP did not.

“Now you want the same social media to be regulated. They don’t want freedom of expression. Now you want to gag her. Did someone gag you while you were using them? ”

Governor Wike said the kidnapping of numerous students at the Federal Government Girls College in Birnin Yauri, Kebbi state Thursday is further evidence of APC’s gross inability to ensure the safety of the lives and property of Nigerians.

According to him, Nigerians are anxious for the APC to give up power and allow the more experienced PDP to restore stability to the nation’s politics and dignity.

“You wake up every morning to hear that 20 people have been kidnapped; 30 people have been kidnapped and people tell us to be silent. Is it if they kidnapped your own daughter? “

Wike also took a blow at the presidency for berating PDP governors for demanding transparency and accountability in the way the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is run and that the APC-led government have their constitutional responsibility to protect Life and property should be fair.

“40 to 50 girls were kidnapped in Kebbi, our little daughters. And then tell me that we (PDP) did not offer a solution. What solution are you talking about? The President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the president who appoints all security chiefs in this country.

“No governor has the power or role to appoint a police superintendent. And then you tell me that we did not offer a solution. What solution would you like to offer us? When you have taken your oath of office, you guarantee the life and property of Nigerians. ”

Governor Wike noted that even the president, Maj. General Muhammad Buhari (ret.), Revealed to Nigerians during his recent television interview that he had nothing more to offer the country in terms of good governance.

“The President spoke to us the other day and the Nigerians were happy how he spoke to them, he was telling them the truth. And the truth is, like it or not, again I have nothing to offer and that was the truth. And people have to agree to that.

The governor said his government had deliberately launched massive urban renewal aimed at restoring Port Harcourt to Garden City status.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the PDP, Senator Walid Jubril, who inaugurated the Nine Streets, praised Governor Wike for redesigning Port Harcourt so that even the blind can testify.

Jubril said the entire PDP Board of Trustees took pride in Governor Wike’s unwavering commitment to the party, adding that PDP supporters across the country were impressed with the governor’s remarkable accomplishments and leadership.

“Anyone in this state who tries to go astray, I’m not with them. I am with the people of this state and I will stay with you (Wike), ”said Jubril.

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