Why was That Vegan Instructor banned from TikTok? Right here’s what occurred


This vegan teacher on TikTok has been banned from the platform. It had over 1.7 million followers before the ban. Now when you search for your account, TikTok says that the account could not be found.

Kadie Karen Diekmeye was the woman behind the infamous report. She had over a million followers and often posted content to educate people about veganism. However, it was often criticized for its content as some believed it would force people to go vegan.

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Why was this vegan teacher banned?

It is reported that their account has been suspended for violating multiple community guidelines. It is uncertain at the moment what these violations were. Prior to this ban, several people had requested that their account be blocked for the content they posted.

Few people had even started a petition to make this possible. The petition alleged that the author “violated several community guidelines in various videos, duets and sounds.” It added that some of their statements were problematic.

In the meantime, others have brought up their problematic content on Twitter. It is unclear whether her account would be restored. Prohibited users can appeal. However, it depends on the platform whether the account should be restored.

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Who is Kadie Karen Diekmeye?

Before Kadie’s TikTok was banned, she frequently posted content on the platform. Her engagement earned her millions of followers. At the same time, Gordon Ramsay also responded to one of her videos. Although the cook wasn’t happy with its contents, Kadie celebrated the advertisement.

In addition to TikTok, Kadie also has a YouTube channel on which she has nearly 24.9,000 subscribers. She also frequently publishes videos on her YouTube page. She also has a Spotify channel that she would post content on. So far, Kadie has not addressed the TikTok ban.

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