‘Why are y’all making canine treats?’

A mega-viral recipe for “twisted bacon” is TikTok’s latest and greatest food hack.

The trendy snack follows a long series of recipes to take users of the app by storm. TikToker love a viral recipe, regardless of whether it is huge pans with “feta noodles”, tiny, decorative cups with “baked oats” or bowls with “natural muesli”.

Rolled bacon is easier than any of these dishes in a number of ways. In fact, this is one reason why some users seem so confused or even depraved by its popularity.

Essentially, the recipe for twisted bacon is to simply roll strips of bacon into long, thin vortices. Apparently, this method makes the bacon perfectly crispy.

It’s unclear where exactly the hack started, but it appears that the earliest version to go viral came from the popular TikTok site House of Keto. After several others shared the concept at the end of March, TikToker Jackie Hartlaub followed suit with her own version.

In Hartlaub’s clip, which attracted millions of views, the chef first rolled up a massive pack of bacon and placed the pieces on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Then she cooks the bacon in her oven at 350 degrees for 40 minutes and stops to turn the pieces in half.

Many viewers were clearly overwhelmed by the hack, as countless TikTokers swore by this method after trying it out. However, other users weren’t as excited.

“But it’s just rolled up bacon,” wrote one commentator on Hartlaub’s clip.

“I have to wait 40 minutes to eat my bacon?” another added.

In the meantime, some found the twisted bacon just unsavory.

“Why are you making dog food?” one user joked.

“Ma’am, you fry your bacon, don’t bake it,” added another.

For an in-depth look at how the twisted bacon recipe is made, check out the current House of Keto follow-up video, which breaks down different ways to change the hack.

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The ‘Twisted Bacon’ post is TikTok’s latest viral food trend – but not everyone is convinced of it. He first appeared on In The Know.

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