Who’s Olivia Ponton relationship? Why are followers speculating in regards to the TikTok star’s sexuality

Olivia Ponton is one of the most famous people on the internet right now. The internet personality recently uploaded a TikTok video that deals with her sexuality. When the video went viral, many fans speculated about her sexual orientation. Here’s what Olivia Ponton’s TikTok video was about.

Who is Olivia Ponton with?

Olivia’s claim to fame was her membership in the TikTok group Hype House. The internet personality uploads videos to her platform and shares short clips from her everyday life. Her most recent TikTok video has been seen by many fans as a way of getting her out. The TikTok star has yet to address the clip, but here’s what happened in it. According to HITC, the video was uploaded to her TikTok account on March 11, 2021, and she can be heard singing along to the lyrics: “First of all, ehhh, I’m not gay, especially ehhh, but let’s be precise. “While it initially looked like it was an innocent sing-along, many fans soon began to speculate about whether Olivia Ponton was gay.

Source: Olivia Ponton (YouTube)

Olivia Ponton on sexuality

The reason this song got the 18 year old fans to speculate about their sexuality is because it is a popular song in the LGBTQ community. Many members of the community on TikTok created a lot of videos using this song. Many have used it to come out and address their sexuality. Olivia Ponton has yet to confirm whether the rumors about her sexuality are true. Therefore, it is not confirmed whether Olivia is really gay or whether Kai is Olivia’s girlfriend.

Olivia Ponton’s friend

Olivia’s Instagram doesn’t reveal too much about her personal life. She mostly posts pictures with her friends or from her model projects. In 2020, many fans had speculated that Olivia Ponton was dating social media star Kio. The duo made videos together and also appeared on each other’s Instagram. The two denied in the video that they were a couple, but the video ends with them kissing and the screen going black. Then in another video uploaded the same day with Sway House coworkers Josh Richards and Bryce Hall, Kio smiles sheepishly and says nothing when asked if he has a girlfriend.

Photo credit: Olivia Ponton (Instagram)

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