Who Is The Most Hated On Twitter?

After analyzing opinions about brands through tweets, a study found that Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have pretty hateful images.

Microsoft was identified as the most hated “big tech” brand in the world in a study that analyzed Twitter interactions around the world, followed by Facebook and Google. It should be noted that the number of hateful tweets about a company does not accurately reflect the true local perception of a brand. Instead, it often depends on a number of factors, such as the type of services a company offers and how it treats its customer base.

For example, you’ll find fewer angry tweets about a company like Apple that sells hardware that a customer only buys once or every two years than a company like Uber that makes hundreds of thousands of trips a day. However, a survey of hate tweets can be an indicator of current consumer sentiment about a company’s public image and recent activities. Not to mention how the conversation plays out on Twitter.

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This is where a recent study by Rave Reviews comes in and gives an idea of ​​how much hatred is courted by the big tech brands on Twitter. Using a research tool called SentiStrength, Rave Reviews analyzed more than a million branded tweets and calculated the percentage of negative tweets each company received of the total number of interactions nationwide. Microsoft, which recently received a lot of heat for the very limited system requirements of Windows 11, topped the global charts. Based on Twitter interactions, the company has been ranked the most hated big tech brand in no fewer than 22 countries.

Twitter chatter isn’t always good

Big tech hate on Twitter

In the USA around 41 percent of the tweets analyzed in the study expressed a negative opinion about the software giant, in Australia the proportion even reached 50 percent. Microsoft, which recently dwarfed its $ 2 trillion market cap, was followed by Google and Facebook. Google was voted the most hated big tech name in thirteen countries, while Facebook ranked third out of eleven countries, where it had the most tweets of negative views. Google is often in the news for a variety of reasons, while Facebook receives constant criticism from users (as well as the government) for questionable policies regarding its social media platforms.

Apple won the unwanted title in six countries. Interestingly, Amazon was able to offset this balance despite a significantly lower market presence. Amazon has been on the news lately about the treatment of its wage workers, while Apple is staring at antitrust investigations in several countries over its App Store policies and recently settled a class action lawsuit over the alleged poor quality of its remanufactured AppleCare devices. In the United States, Uber has been crowned the most hated brand overall, likely due to controversy over its labor policies, exorbitant prices during the pandemic, and just the ride-sharing experience some users generally had.

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Source: Rave Reviews

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