Which Marvel Character Do You Look Like? How To Use TikTok’s Shapeshifting Filter

TikTok’s shapeshifting filter isn’t new, but the effect is now proving to be a popular way to see what Marvel characters look like.

Tick ​​tockThe shapeshifting filter isn’t new, but it’s a popular way to find out what Marvel characters look like right now. TikTok has become an increasingly common place for trends to develop, and filters and effects are once again the driving force behind these recent viral videos. This is where you can find out if you look more like Captain America or Groot.

The shapeshifting filter first appeared on TikTok in September last year, although it was somewhat limited in terms of regional availability. It has since become more widespread in the US as well, opening the door to more users and giving more creative ways to use the effect. For example, the shapeshifting filter is not only used to find out which Marvel look resembles someone, but also which Harry Potter or Disney character and even which celebrity someone looks like.

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One of the easiest ways to access the shapeshifting filter is to save it from an existing video. Just find a video using the effect, tap the filter name and save it to your favorites. Alternatively, open TikTok, tap the “+” button and then the effect icon when the camera interface starts. The shapeshifting filter can then be found and accessed on the Trending tab (highlighted in the image below). You can find examples of how the effect is currently and widely used by searching for #shapeshifting on TikTok.

How to discover your Marvel lookalike

TikTOk shapeshifting

Once the shapeshifting filter is found and either saved or ready to use, it needs to be paired with an image of another person, real or fictional. In order to specifically participate in the Marvel trend, the TikTok user needs to find and download a Marvel chart or raster image with the faces of all characters. Searching Google Images is a popular option for this. As soon as the user is done, they have to open the app, tap the “+” button to start the camera, activate the shapeshifting effect (as described above), tap the small “+” symbol above the effects bar and Select the Marvel raster image, then press the record button with your face in view. The effect is then applied and after a few seconds turns into one of the Marvel characters from the grid.

While the instructions here mostly refer to Marvel characters, the shapeshifting filter is currently used in a number of different ways. Any TikTok user can transform themselves into almost any fictional character or real person they want. The only difference is the picture he uses. Regardless of whether it is a Marvel, Disney or Harry Potter video that the TikTok user wants to upload, just apply the shapeshifting filter, open the image from the device gallery and hit the record button .

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