What’s the title of TikTok’s ‘Caught a Vibe’ music?

Have you ever heard part of a song on TikTok and really wanted to know what its name is? With songs going viral on the social media platform every day, it’s a great place to discover new music.

The latest song to go viral on the app is known as the “Caught a Vibe” song due to the section of lyrics included in TikTok videos, but that’s not the track’s name.

For more information on the song, including the name and person who sings it, read below!

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What is the name of the TikTok song “Caught a Vibe”?

The name of the song, known as “Caught a Vibe” on TikTok, is actually called “Meet Me At Our Spot”.

The song has over 12,000 videos on TikTok and over 5 million views on YouTube. Although the song came out last year, it has gone viral lately because of its beautiful vocals and vibey beat.

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The lyrics that went viral on TikTok are taken from the song’s chorus:

Caught a mood
Baby are you coming with me (The ride, the ride, the ride)
I just wanna look in your eyes (your eyes, your eyes)
I just wanna stay for the night, night, night
When we take a ride
Maybe we can get to 405
Hypnotized by the lights
Man, this has to be life

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Who sings Meet Me At Our Spot?

Meet Me At Our Spot is a song by Willow Smith and Tyler Cole who form the band “The Anxiety”.

The song appeared as one of ten tracks on the band’s self-titled album in 2020. The band has over 3.5 million listeners a month on Spotify.

About the album with iD, Willow said:

“I’ve always wanted to do a pop-punk album. I felt like I had really found a balance between the more atmospheric alternative atonal music, which I really love, and this fearful, powerful pop-punk groove. “

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