What’s the “Simply Hay Fever” development on TikTok? Crying eyes filter goes viral

The “Just Hay Fever” TikTok trend has gone viral, helping creators all over the world express their emotions on the app. Here’s everything we know about it.

With over a billion users on the app every single day, TikTok has cemented its spot as the top-performing way to share short-form videos with your followers.

Having so many users has also allowed TikTok creators the ability to consistently provide viral trends — whether it be a filter used a certain way, a dance, or even a sound.

The latest viral trend is the “Just Hay Fever” trend, which has gained popularity thanks to creators using the crying eyes filter as a way to express their emotions — whether it be sadness, or just the urge to get away from a situation.

What is the Just Hay Fever TikTok trend?

Many have wondered where the original sound “What’s the matter? Just hay fever” has come from since the trend has started to gain popularity.

Thanks to TikToker JarredJermaine, it has been revealed that the sound originates from the tv show “The Story of Tracy Beaker.”

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Where is this viral TikTok sound from: “what’s the matter? just hay fever” #viraltiktok #tiktoksound #hayfever #viralsound #sound #tvshow

♬ original sound – uglinablin

Users have adapted the TV show’s sound clip and paired it with the ‘crying eyes’ filter available on TikTok, which displays dark circles and tears on your eyes, to display their emotions.

TikToker ‘Becca.cody.ollie’ received almost a million views on her video featuring Ollie with the caption: “When your favorite human goes to work wand you’re stuck with the other one all day.”

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Just hay fever 🥺 #chihuahua #chihuahuastiktok

♬ original sound – uglinablin

One of the sound clips that creators are using has been used almost 200,000 times and it continues to grow daily.

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