What’s ‘The Picture’ TikTok pattern and how you can take part

TikTok is raving about the new viral “The Photo” trend, but what exactly is it?

Every new week, a new trend on TikTok goes viral. While some of these trends don’t catch on, others are successful in attracting large audiences.

The latter seems to be the case with TikTok’s brand new “The Photo” trend.

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What is “The Photo” TikTok Trending?

The TikTok trend, The Photo, sees users showcasing their most stunning image alongside their regular looks.

Most users take a video of themselves in their current state and then go to The Photo.

Over the past few months, the trend has evolved a bit and now has a fitness edition too.

An edited version of Gesaffelstein’s and The Weeknd’s song Lost In Fire is included as the background in almost all of the videos. The edited audio is created by TikToker ‘ex7stence’.

The trend surfaced on Byte Dance’s own platform sometime in October 2021, but has only just caught on. Some of his videos have up to 8 million views and many TikTokers are participating at this point.

Unlike many other TikTok trends that require more work to put together, this one is quite simple.

How do I create one of my own?

As mentioned earlier, The Photo trend is pretty easy to implement.

Find the most stunning picture of yourself that you consider your “the photo” and want to show the world.

Next, start capturing yourself in your current state via a selfie camera or through a mirror. Now attach your current video to The Photo, add the music to bring your video together, and voila, there’s your TikTok!

Investigated viral videos from The Photo trend

Most TikTok users presented their surprisingly stunning avatars as their “photo”.

TikToker h8.k8 showed us one of the most surprising photo transformations. While she looks pretty simplistic and nerdy in her current avatar, she transforms into a goth goddess in The Photo.

Another TikTok star, Brittney, looked stunningly simple and cozy in her The Photo.

However, not all TikTok users went the route of “stitching their stunning pics together.”

User ‘micahmalijan’ made the trend’s most bizarre video. She added a photo her boyfriend took of her. But instead of looking stunning, she’s dead asleep on the bed.

La Mif | UK trailer



La Mif | UK trailer






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