What’s the Jeep problem on TikTok? How one can be part of within the viral development!

What is the Jeep Challenge at TikTok? The trend is seeing Jeep lovers all over the world becoming flexible! Here’s a look at how the challenge started, where it came from, and how you can join …

While this particular trend is new to TikTok, there have been plenty of Jeep challenges that got the social media platform floating around. It looks like the Jeep community is huge and when it comes to these cars the owners are never short of ideas to set trends.

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What is the Jeep Challenge at TikTok?

In the Jeep Challenge that TikTok will circulate in May 2021, the owner of the car does a handstand against the driver’s door of the parked car.

The Jeep owner then drops his legs into the open window of the car and then pulls himself up into the car with his arms.

A certain level of physical fitness is required for the challenge. Some fun TikToks have been created where Jeep owners tried the challenge but later decided they couldn’t complete it.

How to join the viral jeep trend

In order to participate in the Viral Jeep Challenge, you must have access to a Jeep. Some TikTok users own jeeps, while others have borrowed their friends or family’s cars.

Once the car is parked and the window is down, the TikTok user can run the challenge and try to get into the car via a handstand.

The challenge can take many tries, as handstand positioning, balance, and the size of the person and the car are all variables that need to be considered.

Who started the jeep trend at TikTok?

It’s unclear who exactly started the viral jeep trend on TikTok. However, videos of the challenge were released on TikTok starting April 24, 2021.

TikToker @Webgirlmorgan uploaded their challenge to Facebook on April 27th, where the video went viral and received thousands of views. So it looks like she might have been one of the first to take on the challenge.

TikTok user @lexusmomma also completed the challenge and titled her post “Definitely harder than it looks, lol”.

Another TikToker, @taylordabears, picked her dad’s jeep to complete the challenge and wrote, “Daddy’s Jeep is bigger so I thought I’d use his”.

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