What’s ‘The Backyard’? TreeIsAlive receives hate after commune will get wrongly branded a ‘cult’

A TikTok user named TreeIsAlive goes viral on TikTok after sharing videos about his community called “The Garden”, but some people consider it a “cult”.

While you were scrolling through TikTok, you may have seen some videos from a user named TreeIsAlive on your For You page.

He’s a red-haired British guy who shares videos about the sustainable, low impact community in America he lives in, but his attempt to recruit new members with TikTok has failed.

Now TreeIsAlive has started getting hatred of the app after people started branding its community as “cult”.

What is the garden And why is there a backlash? Everything you need to know is here.

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What is “The Garden”?

The Garden is a Lafayette, Tennessee community dedicated to a low-impact lifestyle. That means they compost and recycle everything and lead a very simple life surrounded by nature.

Founded by Patrick Martion as part of the Rainbow Gathering movement, the 21-acre property has been a home for people for 12 years. The aim is to attract people who do not fit into mainstream society.

All food is grown on site and the housework is shared among the people who live there.

On site there are lodges and huts as well as compostable toilets, a shower hut, a kitchen, an office building, a library and a school building.

Who is TreeIsAlive?

TreeIsAlive is a man who lives in the garden and posts videos about his life there on TikTok.

He started posting videos in January 2021 and has already garnered 78,000 followers. His videos often go viral and get up to 500,000 views.

He would like his name to remain anonymous, but Insider reports that he was born in Liverpool, England and raised in Ireland. He traveled the streets of Europe, toured Africa and visited communities in Costa Rica before settling in ‘The Garden.

He decided to open a TikTok account to “demonstrate sustainable living and really make an impact on climate change”.

While he’s the most popular, he’s not the only member of ‘The Garden’ on TikTok, and another popular account is owned by Rel Gumson.

Why do people call it a “cult”?

Members of The Garden want to use social media to attract new members to the community, and TreeIsAlive began posting videos on TikTok promoting life in ‘The Garden’. However, social media users misunderstood this.

After its videos went viral, people said The Garden was like a “cult” that TreeIsAlive was trying to get people to join. However, this is not the case.

After TreeIsAlive received a lot of hatred, he went to TikTok to explain why ‘The Garden’ isn’t a ‘cult’ at all.

“Does that sound like a ‘cult’?” he said before reading the gardening model, which states that the ward should:

“Make land available to individuals, families and travelers to learn, teach and experiment a variety of sustainable and self-sufficient life skills.”

“It is a place for those who want to help others thrive and make profits in a community that offers healthier and alternative lifestyles,” he continued.

Garden member Rel Gumson told Insider: “We don’t define ourselves as a cult, we don’t force people to stay here. We don’t impose a belief system on people. “

“We’re just trying to grow food here and educate people about living together and self-sufficiency. It is strange for us to have this experience where we feel like we are being attacked for trying to help people educate people about self-tolerance and off-grid living, “said TreeIsAlive.

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