What’s ‘Simply Hay Fever’ on TikTok? The pattern defined

Jan 19, 2022 12:57 p.m. | Updated: January 19, 2022 1:03 PM

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Here’s how to do the Just Hay Fever trend that’s all over your FYP.

Do you have something teary that you would like to get rid of? Well, the Just Hay Fever TikTok trend might be the perfect bandwagon to hop on right now.

Regardless of the season, there’s always a trend or challenge that’s going viral on TikTok. Recently, the 5000 character personality quiz that tells you which fictional characters are most like you had a stranglehold on the platform.

But as you know, TikTok trends come and go, and now everyone is doing the Just Hay Fever TikTok trend. But what is it actually about? Well here’s what we know.

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What is the Just Hay Fever TikTok trend?

What is

What is “Just Hay Fever” on TikTok?

Image: @dianasaurusrex124 via TikTok, @kykynicolee via TikTok

So the “Just Hay Fever” TikTok trend is basically pretending not to cry about a certain situation and blaming it on hay fever, as the common pollen allergy can often leave you with red and watery eyes. Users add a filter to make their eyes look puffy and bloodshot like they roared.

Abandoned by your boyfriend or girlfriend? Missed that promotion you thought you were definitely going to get? Your favorite Netflix character is dying? It’s the perfect cover for when you’re feeling a little emotional and don’t want to admit it.

It is not known who started the trend, but it seems that it all started in January. The videos are always paired with a sound believed to be from the British TV show Tracy Beaker. In the tone, someone asks, “What’s going on?” and then another person replies, “Nothing, just hay fever.”

If you want to try it yourself, it’s pretty easy to jump on the trend. All you have to do is use the crying eyes filter on TikTok. Then write your scenario and add the sound. Et voilà! You are ready to go viral.

Some of the TikToks will actually let you down.

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