What’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ problem? New TikTok development takes goal at Joe Biden

By now, the majority of America has become aware of the song “Let’s go Brandon”, which was provided by TikTok. The song by MC Loza Alexander entered the iTunes hip-hop chart at number 1 and the track had already inspired a number of TikTok videos, which contributed to its virality. The #LetsGoBrandonChallenge has thousands of videos on TikTok and even more and the trend has gained over 500,000 likes on the platform in just a few days. However, the trend is viewed as a way to harass and bully Joe Biden, and TikTok is threatening to ban him entirely on its platform.

Speaking of TikTok trends, there are a number of them that have claimed many lives, but the ban has not yet been heard of. For example, the “hit a teacher” trend, which basically tells a student to go to their teacher or school staff, hit them and run before they can suffer the effects. A Louisiana girl suggested a disabled teacher to join this trend. According to the shocking video, 18-year-old Larianna Jackson of Covington High School suddenly attacked the teacher and kept slapping her face until she fell to the ground. Another trend that gained popularity was the strangulation challenge, which a 9-year-old boy from Memphis died of after participating in it.


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What is the Let’s Go Brandon Challenge on TikTok?

Before it became a song that later became a TikTok trend, Let’s Go Brandon was just a phrase. It all started when Nascar racer Brandon Brown won his first Xfinity race and during his first post-race interview he heard fans sing from the stands. The chants seemed to say “F ** k Joe Biden” in protest of his presidency, but the reporter said the chants said, “Let’s go Brandon,” see the video below. According to another report, some college friends showed up after auditioning for a soccer game and started some “F ** k Joe Biden” singing in the arena. Let’s Go Brandon became a meme, and Loza Alexander made it to a chart-topping track all over social media.

Then came the TikTok challenge, which doesn’t require any complicated pelvic push or air punch dance steps. Anyone can do it and you only need the track running in the background, on which the participant can dance for 30 to 60 seconds. The trend has resulted in the participation of students, influencers, as well as a nurse who overcame the challenge. She was forced out of the hospital where she worked, not because of the challenge but because she refused to adhere to the vaccination mandate.

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