What would be the pointers for social media in India?

EP634 – What are the Social Media Guidelines in India? | StartUpCentral
FEBRUARY 18, 2021 09:27 AM | ET NOW | 15 MIN 59 SEC

Today at StartUpCentral we will be discussing the rules the government will be issuing for social media intermediaries. There will be stricter rules for large social media companies. These rules are created to empower users. This mechanism is used to remove illegal posts. The guidelines include big tech, microblogging, instant messaging, etc. The Government of India will distinguish between large and small social media intermediaries.

Mr. Apar Gupta, one of the experts, said that social media regulation and accountability of platforms are important issues of our time. We have seen that social media is a platform for expanding a vast democratic framework in which those in power are held accountable. However, this leads to misinformation and online abuse. To find out more, watch the full video!

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