What To Do AFTER You Publish on Instagram

Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do after you hit that “Share” button on Instagram to get the absolute most out of your post?

Today, we’re diving into the crucial steps you should take AFTER you post on Instagram so that more people see your post.

If you ever feel like a beginner, need guidance on the posting process, or just aren’t sure the right thing to say to sell, then you’re in the right place. 

And make sure you’re following us over on Instagram, @TheInstagramExpert, where we share daily tips for our community of business owners. Now, let’s break down our beginner-friendly 5-point checklist for what to do after you publish a post on Instagram.

Use Your Stories to Direct Audience

First things first —don’t just post and ghost. There is something you can do in another Instagram neighborhood to support the post. Here’s an idea… try sparking interest in the post by discussing something on your Stories related to your Instagram post.

Using features like polls in your stories is a great way to increase engagement for your account. When more people engage with you… it sends a signal to Instagram that what your posting is valuable, increasing the likelihood that your post will be seen. And if someone enjoys your Stories on a specific topic, they’re more likely to click on your post when you share it next!

After you put up your poll or talk about something related, THEN share your new post to your Stories to make sure people see it! You’ve captured attention with your first stories and see someone up to click over and watch or read your post. Some users may prefer to watch more Stories vs scrolling the Feed, everyone has preferences, and now you’ve made sure both types of users can see. 

Respond to ALL Comments

Moving on to point two—respond to comments. On all of your posts! Engage with your audience by liking and responding to comments on your post. Ask them questions and start conversations. It’s a simple yet powerful way to build connections and tell Instagram that your content is generating genuine engagement.

It’s a big one. And I get that it can be hard to remember or may feel a bit awkward, but it matters! 

Spend Time in Your DMs

Which brings us to point three—don’t forget your DMs. After you post it is a great time to respond to direct messages. Being active in your DMs can be one of the most powerful signals to send to Instagram’s algorithm.

Sue B. loves the DMs! It’s an opportunity to foster one-on-one connections with your audience. And Instagram sees that as you being a real person with real relationships – and is more likely to show your posts to more people like your audience.

Check Your Insights … Mindfully

Check on your post Insights. Look for patterns and trends. Understanding what works and what doesn’t will guide your future content strategy. Depending on how you feel about insights…consider only looking at them like once a month. It is really valuable information but we definitely don’t want it to disrupt your mindset.

The data should be empowering, not stressful. And feel like useful info to work with. Like for example, If your insights show that this post did well – start planning on how you can repurpose the content again. A graphic post could turn into a reel, or a reel turned into a carousel… we have a whole blog post and video on how to do this and we will link it here!

Plan Ahead Using Feedback

Lastly, take note of any follow-up questions or conversations your post inspires. This is invaluable feedback for planning future content. Your audience is essentially showing you what content they want to see in the future.

You should consider Are they asking specific questions? Are there opportunities to answer those questions in the future? All good stuff to work with.

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