What Is the “Planet Her” TikTok Development About? Doja Cat Followers, Hear Up

The latest TikTok trend pays homage to Doja Cat’s latest album “Planet Her”.

“Planet Her” was released on June 25, 2021 and is an exploration of the divine feminine. It contains a handful of hits, including “Need to Know” and “Woman”, which are already going viral thanks to the TikTok trend “Planet Her”, among other things.

Hashtags like # planether2021 have already attracted 6.8 million views, and the number is rising. What’s the latest trend? Are they more complicated dance moves like the “Say So” trend?

The “Planet Her” trend invites TikTok users to experiment with their aesthetics.

Unlike “Say So”, which TikTok took over when a young creator named Haley Sharpe created the simultaneous dance in December 2019, the “Planet Her” trend doesn’t require hours of practice.

Following an aesthetic inspired by Afrofuturism, the trend encourages TikTok users to try different Color Customizer filters and create short clips that show what they would look like with flamingo pink, spring green, or dark purple skin.

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The “Planet Her” trend is popular with established creators and everyday people alike, and has already attracted stars like Aviona Marie (@marieluvv) and OfficialShaley (@officialshaley) as well as Resa Beauty (@ resabeauty1).

Much like the G6 Filter Challenge or the Beer Poster TikTok Trend, it likely gained popularity due to the exceptional aesthetics it represents.

Take the short clip Aviona (@marieluvv) posted the last week of July 2021. In the TikTok video, Aviona tries a variety of different filters while casually lip-syncing to Doja Cat’s “Need to Know”.

To interpret the fast-growing trend, Aviona experimented with blue, purple, red, yellow, green, and turquoise filters created using the app’s Color Customizer feature.

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A TikTok influencer named OfficialShaley took a similar approach and used the “Planet Her” trend as an opportunity to test different filters. Blue, red, purple, green, and pink were the filters she used for the challenge.

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Most of the TikTok clips released as part of the “Planet Her” trend use audio created by xxtristanxo (@xxtristanxo). @xxtristanxo is a TikToker specializing in music and has uploaded outtakes of songs like “Enough for you” by Olivia Rodrigo or “Need to Know” and “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat.

Other TikToker like Emmi (@nightmothrr) or Tea Goblin (@theofficialteagoblin) went even further and saw the “Planet Her” trend as an opportunity to show off her keen sense of style.

Take Emmi (@nightmothrr), who photographed her contribution to the “Planet Her” trend while wearing her signature makeup look, complete with a goth-inspired eyeshadow look, razor-thin brows and a bold black lipstick.

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Tea Goblin (@theofficialteagoblin) took a similar strategy and proudly showcased their unique goblin-inspired look with a bald undercut, a tri-tone light pink, purple and neon blue hair dye, and matching eyebrows and makeup.

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Some TikTokers took the “Planet Her” trend a lot less seriously. Take Desanka (@desankaj), who used the Color Customizer function to envision what her cat Figaro would look like on the distant land of “Planet Her”.

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