What Is the “Expensive Maria, Depend Me In” TikTok Development?

What is the TikTok viral trend “Dear Maria, count me in”?

We’re sure All Time Low never thought their 2007 pop-punk song would go viral on TikTok almost 14 years later. Yes, the internet is a strange place.

What is this TikTok trend anyway and how did it start?

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In December 2020, All Time Low shared a TikTok video by @yungricepatty telling the camera, “Mom, it’s never been a phase. It’s a lifestyle.” The band titled the clip “MOM IT WAS NIE EINE PHASE”.

Since then, the song has gone viral on TikTok, and many users have joined in this fun, nostalgic trend.

TikTok users post videos of themselves telling the camera, “Mom, it’s never been a phase. It’s a lifestyle,” with the lyrics of “Dear Maria, Count Me In” playing in the background. While some users ditch the lyrics, others showcase their “emo” attire with dyed hair, hats, dark eyeliner, and tight black ribbon t-shirts.

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All Time Low band member Alex Gaskarth tweeted on January 13th: “I always knew ‘Dear Maria’ was going to be a massive TikTok song when we wrote it in 2006.”

The band also tweeted about another TikTok user who followed the trend while dressed for work in his dominoes pizza uniform. “We’d better make a free pizza out of it,” commented the pop-punk band.

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Music video actress “Dear Maria, Count Me In” shares her experiences on set with TikTok.

In August 2020, Gilli Messer remembered playing the role of Maria in All Time Low’s music video for the single.

“In 2008 I played Maria in All Time Low’s video” Dear Maria, Count Me In, “she wrote in the video, adding a set of herself and the chimpanzee who was also in the music video. She also held up the black and white polka dot bra she was wearing in the video.

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In another TikTok video, Gilli answered some fan questions about working with the band and said it was “very funny”. She added, “We were all so young. But I think the best thing for all of us was working with the chimpanzee! ”

Gilli wasn’t the only person on set who, during the video shoot, thought the chimpanzee was the highlight of the project. Frontman Alex spoke to NME in April 2020 about the filming of “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and told the outlet: “This video was an interesting shoot because we just wanted to hang out with the chimpanzee.”

He added, “He’s been great all through the shoot, but there was a point where he got over what he was doing and caused a chimp anger and demolished the club we were filming in. This is a baby chimpanzee, but this one. Things are darn strong! So we couldn’t do anything until he got through his little diva moment, but he was cute. All was forgiven! ”

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