What Is the ‘Elmo Paper Towel Roll’ Development on TikTok?

In recent years, Tick ​​tock has built a reputation for being the app that can go viral. Whether it’s turning an unknown creator into a superstar overnight, or turning an already familiar product like Fruit Roll-Ups into a global challenge, TikTok has proven that it can get us noticed .

Celebrities and social media influencers like Will Smith, Billie Eilish and Jason Derulo have already had their viral moments on TikTok. But recently a new celebrity started running on TikTok after appearing on a viral video. Everyone fell so in love with the post that it started a trend.

How did the “Elmo paper towel roll” trend come about?

On November 26, 2020, during the third episode of Sesame Street’s 51st season, actress Hailee Steinfeld played with the Sesame Street gang for a song called “I Wonder What If, Let’s Try” in a segment about problem solving. At one point the scene shows Elmo and Rosita discussing the various options in a modified rap tune that reads, “An oatmeal container, wooden bowl, plastic water bottle, and roll of paper towel.”

It’s Elmo’s tone of voice and cadence when he says “paper towel roll” that fans can’t get over as the doll breaks the character from his normally soft voice to one with more poise and emphasis (which, if we’re being honest, sounds funny) .

On December 14th, TikToker Chelsey Vogt (known in the app as @cj_vogt) posted a clip of the scene with the caption, “The way Elmo says ‘paper towel roll’ makes me die. I can’t stop watching. ”The post quickly gained momentum and reached a whopping 2.9 million views in just six days.

Since Vogt’s Post, Elmo’s Part has morphed into a popular TikTok sound, mostly used in Dub Sketch, and inspired over 28,000 uses in December. So far the clay has been used for a variety of purposes, the most entertaining of which is from TikToker @sherelabear as they use the clay to describe how they entertain their baby. The sketch received 3.1 million views in four days.

Now everyone has gotten into the trend as thousands of users have collected the household items in their home to use the sound to create more unique and interesting skits. But how do you make your own ‘paper towel roll’ post?

It’s easy to be part of this trend. All you need are the items Rosita and Elmo mentioned in a song: an oatmeal container, wooden bowl, plastic water bottle, and roll of paper towel. Just think about what you are going to do with the elements, create a sketch, recording, and post. Of course, if you really want to stand out you may want to study other posts to find a unique way that sets you apart, but everything else is simple.

However, in case you don’t just have these things lying around around the house, there is another popular part of the “paper towel rolls” trend that you can indulge in. And all you have to do is dance.

TikTok users have also started a new way of using Chelsey Vogt’s sound, pretending to be unimpressed and bored with the first half of the song, but when Elmo’s part starts they go crazy for the sound and dance like madmen. So far, millions of TikTokers have already recreated the new dance concept and shared it in the app. So if you want to join the trend this way, it is certainly a viable option.

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