What Is Repost on Tiktok? Methods to Use the New Repost Function

Tick ​​tock is an ever growing and evolving social media platform, the recently added new features of which are helping to improve the experience for the users.

Users of the app can regularly find new sound bites, filters and effects. As long as people are creative, get into comedic timing, and have a desire to share their lives with others – it seems like the TikTok content stream will continue to expand.

TikTok recently introduced a new feature to its millions of users and they are very excited to use it. The new button you see on TikTok initiates the new repost feature.

What is TikTok’s new repost feature?

The repost feature allows users to share a video they have seen with their entire follower list. Before, you could send videos to individual friends and, more recently, even to groups. Repost allows you to share a video with everyone instead of going through a list and clicking on multiple names.

How to use Repost on TikTok?

Using the repost button works similarly to using the copy links and messages buttons. The feature isn’t fully rolled out for some users, but if yours is available, you can find it by clicking the arrow at the bottom right of the app.

When you see a list of users to send a video to, they should also have a repost button. The button is yellow and has the same symbol as the inverted card on Uno that we now suddenly want to play.

Do you have a TikTok account? Have you already used the new repost function? Let us talk about it.

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