What Does “ASL” Imply on TikTok? Particulars on the Social Media Slang Time period

While many know that TikTok is the place to go to find new popular dances, songs, recipes, life hacks, and more, the social media app has also become a tool for keeping up to date with the latest slang terms to stay.

Internet slang, which is used by individuals to abbreviate phrases, has been around for decades.

For example, most people use the abbreviation “lol” which means “laugh out loud” or “brb” which means “right back”.

Now TikTokers use the slang term “asl”. So what does it mean? Read on to find out more about the latest internet term.

What does “asl” mean on TikTok?

Many people may not be aware of it, but the acronym ASL stands for American Sign Language. However, social media users use the abbreviation differently and only write it in lowercase letters.

The abbreviation “asl” stands for “as hell”, which you will likely notice on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

For example, one Twitter user wrote: “I woke up this morning because of hunger, lmfaoo.”

Another commented, “I’m getting old because every time I get an iOS update notification, ‘a different one?’ I was always excited when the updates came through. “

While some people have adopted slang into their everyday terminology, not everyone is that familiar with the term pop culture.

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I just want to know … who decided that asl … was meant like that … bc it makes sense … idkkkk sounds silly

– my thing is golden 🌈✨ (@wild_flowerbaby) June 14, 2021

“‘Asl’ now means ‘like hell’ and it’s really messing up my old millennial brain,” one person tweeted. Another person commented: “I just want to know … who chose asl …. like hell meant …. It makes sense …”

Another person wrote: “Who the hell is using ‘asl’ as an abbreviation for ‘as hell’? I’m old [as f–k] because that will always mean something different to me. “

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Some Twitter users noticed that “asl” also means “age, gender, location”. But it seems like Gen Z is taking the abbreviation back to mean “like hell”.

Another popular TikTok term that is used: Cheugy.

Let’s face it, there has been an influx of slang terms after TikTok rose in popularity in 2020. You have likely heard children or even young adults use new phrases in their everyday vocabulary. If you’re an avid TikTok scroller, you’ve definitely seen someone speak or write the word cheugy on a video.

What does the new word mean that Generation Z just can’t get enough of lately?

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According to the Urban Dictionary, Cheugy is “the opposite of trendy” and is “used when someone is still following these outdated trends. This may include but is not limited to fashion, social media habits, the use of slang, etc.”

In a way, it’s like calling someone easy.

TikTok user Hallie Cain shot a video on March 30th that defines the word Cheugy. In the short clip, she sketched examples of how someone can be “cheugy”.

“Graphic t-shirts and hats, phrases on clothing, cheugy,” she said. The TikTok user went on to describe other examples of how a person or a previous trend might be viewed as cheugy.

Overall, thank you TikTok for teaching us new slang terms.

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