Weekend Spherical-Up: Bitcoin Billionaires, TikTok Pasta, And Wiki-Core

I know I can act like a one-trick pony recommending another high-carb recipe for Weekend Round-Up, but pasta has become completely inevitable in my life, which I conveniently attribute to winter and quarantine. For my last post, I wrote about Alison Roman’s Shallot Pasta (with a special guest star, Bucatini * Chefkuss *), but this week I’m riding the baked feta pasta wave that has taken TikTok by storm. While I consider myself to be Gen Z-neighbors (which is the cool way kids say “Peak Millennial”), I sometimes mindlessly scroll through the video sharing app, falling deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole of trendy dance moves and fill in the empty challenges. When I say goodbye to that I’m usually like, “Wow, that was kind of a waste of time” but after creating this recipe over and over again, something felt different: I just had to try it. And? It. Was. Amazing. The version I followed calls for five main ingredients and is ready to eat in 35 minutes; While I did very important research for this submission, I tracked down the original recipe, which is slightly different (hello, red chilli pepper!). You may be wondering what’s so special about this baked feta pasta, and the truth is … nothing, which is exactly what makes it so special.

– Chelsea Beeler, Operations Specialist

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