Watch TikTok Movies on Your Amazon Fireplace TV

Looking for a way to endlessly scroll TikTok on a bigger screen? Here’s how you can do this on your Amazon Fire TV.

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The king of viral dance videos and the latest trends, TikTok no longer needs to be watched on your tiny phone. Now you can play the popular app right on the big screen from the comfort of your home with Amazon Fire TV.

Here’s how you can easily access and control TikTok on your Fire TV.

How to watch TikTok on Amazon Fire TV

As long as you have an Amazon Fire TV and live in the US or Canada, you can download TikTok and start watching videos right away. The opportunity is thanks to a joint collaboration between Amazon and ByteDance, owner of TikTok.

Here’s how you can play the app on your Amazon Fire TV for you and your friends to see.

  1. On your Amazon Fire TV, select the app store. Search pane in Amazon Fire TV
  2. Download the TikTok app on your Amazon Fire TV. TikTok app on Amazon Fire TV
  3. Open minded tick tock on your Amazon Fire TV. TikTok app on Amazon Fire TV
  4. If you have a TikTok account, click log in. Then you can use either the text code displayed on the screen or the QR code to log in. Sing along to TikTok on Amazon Fire TV
  5. Watch TikTok videos on your Amazon Fire TV.

The process is simple and once you start watching videos, managing it via your Alexa remote or Alexa devices is even easier. If you don’t already have an account on TikTok, you can register for a new one. TikTok makes it easy to sign up for a new account using information from your Facebook, Google, Apple, or Twitter accounts.


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Alternatively, there is another way to use your phone or email to create an account. You should sign up for the new account using your phone and then sign in using your Amazon Fire TV. You will be prompted to enter your birthday using your phone or email and then you will need to create a new password.

How to use TikTok on Amazon Fire TV

TikTok Dashboard Fire TV

If you have an Alexa device at home and the app has already been downloaded to your TV, just say “Alexa, open TikTok”. The app will automatically open on your TV and you can verbally ask Alexa to play or pause the videos on your TV.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an Alexa device, you can still verbally open your TikTok app with Alexa Voice Remote. You can also use the play or pause controls on your remote to control your videos.

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You can use most of the app’s features on your TV just as you would on your phone. Likewise, you can still add videos to your favorites, switch between videos you follow and your feed, discover new videos, and more.

Unfortunately, there is no way to create your own TikTok videos from your Fire TV and upload them to your profile for others to view.

Watch TikTok on Amazon Fire TV

Avoid all your friends crowding around your phone to watch TikTok videos by downloading the app on your Amazon Fire TV and watching it on the big screen. You can use your Alexa device or Alexa Voice Remote to open the app and control all playback.

TikTok might not be the easiest social media platform to start with, so it helps if you understand how to use it before adding it to your TV.

Tiktok Beginner Tips

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