Watch These Guys React To Getting Nearly Shaved Throughout #NoBeardFilter TikTok Problem

“Never shave your beard! JE! “Was the consensus among Latinas who took the #NoBeardFilter Challenge this week to digitally remove their significant other’s facial hair with a SnapChat filter. The results – and reactions – were hilarious.

The funniest videos uploaded to TikTok this week were the wives and girlfriends of unsuspecting husbands and friends who have no idea the filter is exposing their baby faces. Popular Latino couple Christian and Maybelline Pérez begin when Maybelline can’t stop addressing a confused Christian who has no idea why she’s pointing her phone at him and gasping.

“Babe what are you doing?” he asks, not knowing that the app has removed all of his facial hair. “Why are you taking me in? Are we doing an Instagram post? Why are you laughing?!”

Maybelline keeps her husband in the dark for a while and even tells him: “Never!” that seems to upset him, but then she reveals why she laughed so hard.

“Babe, that’s why you’re laughing ?!” he says, shocked at how he looks. “I look gross!”

Unlike Maybelline, this next Latina woman didn’t even wait for her and her husband to be alone to reveal what he looked like without facial hair. She did it in public in the middle of a restaurant.

Other Latinos didn’t need a wife or girlfriend to prank them. Some just wanted to see what they looked like without a mustache or beard. Most were not happy with the result.

Yet when their partners did – and even when they didn’t let their husbands and friends see them – these videos turned out to be the funniest.

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