WATCH: ‘Sure, We Exist’ – Maltese Transgender Couple Defies Preconceptions On TikTok And Past

Even in 2021, some people will find it difficult to truly understand and appreciate something until they have properly exposed it. As for Malta’s transgender community, a couple are fighting hard to challenge all of this … and they do it all on TikTok.

Leon Bonnici is a vocal transgender man who has consistently uploaded numerous TikToks from his years of transition and has even achieved viral fame a couple of times thanks to some really impressive before and after recordings.

But the already heartwarming story doesn’t get better until you add his girlfriend Breeann Grima to the equation.

Friends and followers of the couple will definitely be no strangers to videos like the ones above, but every day, more and more people stumble upon the story of Leon and Breeann and find inspiration.

“Let me share this with you,” Leon told his followers on TikTok on Thursday.

“My girlfriend and I are Maltese and transgender. We love each other like any other couple. “

“Yes, we exist,” finished Leon when the dancing couple smiled at the camera.

Lately, Bonnici has garnered thousands of views and likes for TikTok as he continues to share his and his girlfriend’s story with his 3,200+ followers. Judging by the consistently positive feedback the two of them have received, these numbers are likely to rise very soon!

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