WATCH: Mouse Consuming Meat in Entire Meals TikTok

Tick ​​tock

A mouse eating meat on Whole Foods TikTok has gone viral.

A TikTok viral video shows a mouse eating meat in a Whole Foods store in New York City.

You can watch the video later in this article. The disgusting incident that terrified many people on social media took place at the Whole Foods store in Manhattan on Columbus Circle.

According to ABC New York, the TikTok was filmed by Brittany Ellis shopping with her mother in the meat section of the Whole Foods store.

Ellis is on TikTok under the name definebritt. “@ Wholefoodsofficials you don’t do bad guys what I wanted to see today !!!!” she wrote TikTok in the mouse’s caption. “But why was there a whole mouse in Whole Foods !!”

Here’s what you need to know:

Ellis told New York TV that it was a “nice little tiny mouse”.


@wholefoodsofficials you don’t do bad guys what i wanted to see today !!!!

♬ Original sound – DefineBritt

You can see the mouse in the meat box nibbling away.

Ellis said to ABC 7, “The next thing I know is that a woman behind us says, ‘Oh, this is disgusting. ‘Then I take a closer look and only see a nice little mouse chewing like nothing, and I’m shocked. “

She told the TV station that she never thought the video would take off as much as it was.

“I didn’t even think it was going to come out like a million views,” she told the TV station. “I don’t even think it would get 1000 views. I thought it was the first TikTok every day like I wasn’t on TikTok that often. I just stepped in like I didn’t think it would do what it did. “

Whole Foods stated, “We are taking this situation very seriously.”

TikTok video shows mouse eating meat in NYC Whole Foods Deli Case | eats NBC New York: The video went viral and more than two million people who saw a mouse take bites out of an expensive platter of veal in the… #worldnews #lastminiteupdates #news pic. twitter .com / mjV1tj7Dx5

– @easyworldnews (@EasyWorldNews) May 30, 2021

Whole Foods released a statement stating that the incident was being taken seriously.

“We take this situation very seriously. We immediately removed and disposed of all products in the case, carried out a thorough cleaning and called in an external service for a thorough inspection. The deal carefully followed our detailed protocol and continues to work closely with our food safety team, ”the chain told ABC 7.

TikTok and Twitter users were still completely horrified. “Imagine you order chicken here, eat it, and then watch it on TV. I’m stressed, “wrote a woman on Twitter. “I’m watching a video of a mouse eating raw meat at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods deli: man, I miss New York,” wrote another.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Mice and rats are in almost everything in Manhattan … Lol So much 4 pay extra 4 good quality, right ???” Wrote another, “no mouse who eats the raw meat in whole foods wtf.” Another person added, “I’m so glad I gave up meat years ago. The video shows mice eating meat at Columbus Circle Whole Foods. “

More than 2 million people have seen the video. “It made my skin crawl, I’m a big germaphobe,” Ellis said, according to 10Philadelphia. “My mother didn’t believe me at first, she had to come closer and she said, oh my god, you’re right.”

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