Watch Maggie Rogers Shock a Fan with a TikTok Duet

Maggie Rogers recently surprised a young fan on TikTok, who provided the harmonies for her own “New Song”.

The fan – called Emma Ogier (@immaoger) – was looking for a TikTokker colleague to add vocals to the cover, but little she knew Rogers would jump on board himself.

“Hey Emma, ​​I’m not @delwatergap, but I know his role,” wrote Rogers, referring to the song’s original backing vocalist, S. Holden Jaffe.

Not soon after, Jaffee was fun too, and sewed the video again to add an extra layer of harmonies.

(As some Deadheads may recall, Rogers sat at Dead & Company for their 2019 Halloween appearance at Madison Square Garden.)

Check out Ogier’s original TikTok and the collaboration clips below:


New Song- @maggierogers and @delwatergap two of my biggest inspirations !! Please ## Duett ## Maggierogers ## Delwatergap ## Music ## Fyp so much love <3

♬ Original sound – Emma Ogier @maggierogers

#duet with @immaoger hey emma 🙂 I’m not @delwatergap, but I know his part 🕊

♬ Original sound – Emma Ogier @delwatergap

## Duet with @maggierogers 🖤

♬ Original sound – Emma Ogier

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