Viral video reveals blood-like pool exterior storage unit

Social media has gone crazy over this scary warehouse situation.

During this week’s move, TikTok inventor Ashley Money stopped by her locker to drop off a few items, only to find an ominous puddle of blood pouring out of the adjoining unit.

A clip of the dried red substance that she posted received more than 5 million views on the platform.

The video received a content warning from TikTok, and many commentators have voiced concern about the pool, with some suggesting that there may be a corpse in the unit.

In a follow-up video, Money spoke about what she had done after discovering the stain: telling reception about it, whereupon a company employee immediately answered.

The next day, however, the red spot was still on the adjacent unit.

Following the requests of her 16,000 followers, Money poured hydrogen peroxide on the stain to get to the bottom of the grim problem. When mixed with blood, many video viewers have found that hydrogen peroxide often has a bubbly effect.

“Sorry, no bubbles,” said Money, after the mixture didn’t provoke such a reaction.

Since then, she has received a lot of criticism for the comment, with her followers “unfortunately” interpreting her to mean that she was hoping for blood and a tragic explanation for the mud.

But Money stated in subsequent clips that she was only saying that she felt that some of her viewers might be disappointed that the mystery was still unsolved.

Money’s retelling of finding the stain has gone viral.Ashley Money / TikTok

She further clarified that she actually contacted the police shortly after uploading the first of her video about the find. They didn’t take her seriously, however, and it took them “six and a half hours” to return their call, “and then laughed at me because it didn’t sound like an emergency,” she said, according to Sun.

When the police finally opened the leaky unit, the answer to the macabre puzzle was anything but culminating.

“In the end it was something they weren’t allowed to keep, and yes, it seeped into mine.” But, she added, the authorities let her know that it was at least “not a body”.

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