Viral TikTok video: A particular grandmother-granddaughter dance, with a twist

A heartwarming video of a woman recreating a special dance moment with her granddaughter left internet users emotionally behind after it went viral on social media.

In the viral clip, Marie Frances O’Brien and her granddaughter re-enact an old childhood video, but with a twist. While the first video shows O’Brien dancing with her granddaughter in her arms, the newly created one shows the granddaughter who is holding O’Brien in her arms.

O’Brien and her granddaughter, 33-year-old Allison Krause, began making TikTok dance videos to cheer up O’Brien’s daughter Colleen Krause, who suffers from lymphoma, Good Morning American reported.

Watch the video here:

This 93 year old grandma and her granddaughter are creating a special dance moment on # TikTok.https: //

– Good Morning America (@GMA) September 15, 2021

“Allison came over and said, ‘Mom is so sad and she looks really sick … let’s make a fun video to make mom laugh,'” O’Brien told the news website. “We did a video, we danced and everything, and it made her laugh, which I was so excited about. That’s all we wanted to do. “

O’Brien, whose love of dance began at 15, was encouraged by her granddaughter to post the videos on TikTok. “This is very new to me because I never knew about TikTok,” O’Brien told GMA. “It’s just fantastic. And if it can bring joy and laughter and those silly videos can make people laugh. That’s all I want. “

Shortly after the first video was released, O’Brien’s dance moves caught the attention of netizens, who absolutely loved the grandmother-granddaughter duo. “What makes my grandma even happier is that she is able to respond and comment and speak to people who are dealing with the loss of their grandmother or who cannot see their grandparents during Covid,” said Allison Krause the news website. “She gets comments saying how much these videos meant to them during difficult times. It lights up when she hears that. “

O’Brien and her granddaughter regularly receive millions of views on the videos she posts on TikTok and have over 100,000 followers. Since the clip was shared online, it has left internet users emotionally with plenty of commentary on the beautiful bond between the grandmother and her granddaughter. “Oh, that was the most beautiful and precious dance I’ve ever seen. Star-Struck granddaughter, Red Heart, her grandma, thanks for sharing,” said one of the many comments on the clip.

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