Viral TikTok Reveals Upsetting ‘Shrek’ Plot Level You Most likely By no means Observed

Unless it’s actors recreating their iconic scenes or divas celebrating Pride Month, TikTok is mostly a place where people point out hidden details in movies that you’ve definitely seen before. The latest viral video – 1.6 million likes and counting – comes from user Queon’te Wright shedding light on a dark detail from the popular animated film Shrek.

Wright points out that at the beginning of the film, the Three Bears from the story of Goldilocks are seen being carted into the swamp when all of the fairy-tale creatures are rounded up by Lord Farquaad’s men. The next time the bears are seen, only the Papa Bear and the Baby Bear are standing by the campfire and are extremely upset. Wright highlighted the reason in the next picture: The bow-wearing Mama Bear was a fur on Lord Farquaad’s castle floor.

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Shrek Part1

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People filled the comments with shock at the extremely dark joke. “I could have spent the rest of my life without knowing it,” wrote one person. “I thought Shrek was a happy story, but no, it’s a happy dark story,” quipped another. “I will never be able to see it and now I will not cry,” wrote one angry follower. “My childhood is officially over!” wrote another. “Animators don’t do anything by mistake,” emphasized another attentive TikTok user.

However, some people were shocked that this moment went unnoticed by so many viewers. “How did no one notice that ?! As if you’re just not paying attention when you watch all the films,” wrote one Shrek fan. “You all watch movies with your eyes closed or what?” asked another. The animated film recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, so that many long-time fans are revisiting the modern classic. When people see it for the first time, or at least for the first time in a long time, expect more little details to pop up on TikTok for the next generation.

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