Viral TikTok Exhibits Log Piercing Automobile Window

A viral TikTok with a block of wood piercing the windshield of a vehicle is reminiscent of a scene from Final Destination 2.

The video filmed after the accident shows the huge tree trunk in the windshield of a white delivery truck while a truck with several similar tree trunks is pulled in front of it. The log appeared to have gone right through the center of the windshield and seemed to miss both the driver and passenger seats.

It was posted by TikToker @ alow420 on Friday and has been viewed over 2.3 million times since then. It eventually got to Twitter and caused Final Destination to become a trending topic for much of Saturday.

In the scene from the horror movie from early 2000, there is said to be a fatal buildup triggered by fallen logs on a freeway. The incident is prevented by a character’s premonition, which sets off the whole premise of the film: anyone who cheated on death on this freeway dies in a crazy way.

People on Twitter assume that the driver of the white van has never seen the movie because if they had, as the viewers say, they would not have even got behind the van in the first place.

“Obviously they didn’t see Final Destination,” claimed one.

“It clearly wasn’t a millennial drive, we’ve all looked at final destination 2 and know better,” said another.

“Must have been a boomer,” suggested a third. “No millennial would ever drive behind one of these Cus of Final Destination.”

However, this does not appear to be the case.

The filmmaker – who is probably also the driver – mentions Final Destination in the video and even completes the TikTok with a hashtag “Final Destination”. “Final goal, literally,” the filmmaker can be heard saying.

Whatever the case, the clip makes viewers swear again to drive behind timber trucks.

“I saw Final Destination. You will NEVER catch me chilling behind one of those log trucks, ”tweeted one.

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* First published: May 22, 2021, 2:57 p.m. CDT

Eilish O’Sullivan

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