Viral Pokemon TikTok exhibits off insane Rainbow Charizard card and the way they obtained it

A viral TikTok showing the transformation of a shiny Charizard card into a Rainbow Charizard, and it’s extremely cool to watch.

Pokemon cards have been all the rage lately as their popularity has wreaked havoc on inventory in retail stores around the world. Going into a store and looking for packs of the latest releases is almost impossible as scalpers have been cleaning the house at almost every store that sells them.

A TikToker called Unwrap Therapy focuses on Pokemon TCG TikToks and made a video go viral in which they turn their Shiny Charizard card into a Rainbow Charizard by leaving them out in the sun and claiming that sunlight will change the colors of your Pokemon – Card can change.

The Pokemon CompanyNewer Pokemon Card extensions like Chilling Reign sell out within seconds due to scalpers.

Charizard colored transformation

In the video, Unwrap Therapy left a Charizard VMAX card in the sun – and sleekly swapped the card for a Charizard VMAX Rainbow, claiming the effects of the sun changed the colors of the card.

The TikTok went viral, drawing over 700,000 views when viewers in the comments pointed out that sunlight cannot color transform and that sunlight could even affect the quality of holographic cards.

If the TikTok clip doesn’t load, click here.

@ unwraptherapyWell… I did not expect that 😳 #pokemon #pokemontcg #poketok #pokemoncards # charizard ♬ Never forget yourself – Noisettes

While it was sleight of hand, the TikTok is still incredibly cool at harnessing the vibrancy of modern Pokemon cards.

The Charizard VMAX Rainbow Edition is super rare and can be sold for over $ 200. If you find one, we recommend that you rate it as soon as possible.

We recently ranked the 21 rarest Pokémon cards of all time, with the original Charizard at number two on the list. Since Charizard is one of the most popular Pokémon of all time, its card popularity makes sense. This original Charizard has an auction value of over $ 350,000.

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