Viral Madden 22 TikTok exhibits why gamers are getting extra tilted than ever

A TikTok has gone viral showing how ridiculous the Madden 22 games get, this time with a 200-yard run from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Madden 22, the newest entry in the lineup of NFL games from EA Sports, has been panned by critics and longtime Madden fans. The game is currently at a 68-point aggregator Metacritic, with reviewers pointing out the lack of glitz and refinement of the core game modes.

A new video on TikTok went viral from Madden 22 and shows how overwhelmed and fast quarterbacks are.

SHEDavante Adams is a leader in wide receivers on Madden 22 ratings.

Rodgers viral Madden 22 run

Madden TikToker stickgod102 makes videos playing competitive Madden, often for cash or to accept team requests from viewers. Her account has over 230,000 followers and over 1 million views on her most viral video to date. In the video, Aaron Rodgers escapes dismissal by running backwards to his own end zone, only to run him all the way back for a touchdown.

The run was over 200 yards in total and shows how slow defensive players are in Madden 22 and how agile your quarterback can be. It’s one of the most frustrating pieces on his part, and he got the title of the video, “He Quit 5 Seconds After”.

@ stickgod102 He stopped 5 seconds later. 😂 # madden22 #maddennfl # stickgod102 ♬ Monkeys that turn monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Any time you give up a run like this on an aging quarterback like Rodgers, ending the game in anger may be your best option.

In addition to those weird gameplay moments, Madden 22 appears to be full of bugs and glitches that hindered the game from starting. Hopefully for Madden fans, these glitches can be fixed as soon as possible in order to restore some order to the Madden universe.

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