VIDEO: TikTok Going Wild Over Lengthy Misplaced Footage Of Jersey Shore Dancer’s Bar Mitzvah Routine

Jake Dylan of Monmouth County thought he’d never get the footage of his 2006 Bar Mitzvah party.

The Marlboro native only knew there had been some misunderstandings, and his memories and photos alone would be his only relics of the night.

But sometime last week, Dylan’s Bar Mitzvah videographer found his mom on Facebook and said his tapes were on the way to the trash – unless they wanted them.

They did. You definitely did.

Dylan, a 27-year-old actor and dance teacher from Hoboken, put the DVD in the player and relived every glorious second of the Broadway themed night.

Among the highlights was the epic dance he performed with a party motivator on Jennifer Lopez’s hit “Let’s Get Loud”.

It turns out the dance is still checked out for as soon as Dylan uploaded the clip to TikTok, it went viral.

The video had 50,000 views in just 48 hours. As of Saturday, it was over 71.4K.

Marlboro-born Jake Dylan, 27, who lives in Hoboken.

Courtesy Jake Dylan

Dylan learned the choreography from the DJ’s motivational dancer in just four hours of practice. He still remembers almost every movement.

The clip was different from its usual content – mostly situational comedy clips, characters, and general life events.

Dylan says the fresh content is exactly what his TikTok page needs.

“My TikTok has hit a plateau,” he said. “I didn’t get as many views as I did in summer. [The dance clip] is this new awakening – I have to keep posting this Bar Mitzvah footage. “

It has never been difficult for Dylan to come up with new content.

“My mind is unbroken with ideas,” he said. “My struggle is to make it look aesthetically pleasing and composed.”

What has taken Dylan the furthest on TikTok is a character he created on Instagram six years ago by the name of “Monmouth County Mom”. That earned him almost 50,000 followers alone.

Two of his characters, Jackie and Steph, caught the attention of content producers for dating app Hinge last September. They had Dylan produce a dating series for them with the characters.

Some of Dylan’s videos have been shared by celebrities like Shay Mitchell. He hopes his platforms will eventually give him a career in the entertainment industry.

Maybe “Saturday Night Live”. Or a little more.

“It sells short to say SNL,” said Dylan. “There are so many other things you could do in entertainment and be successful.”

Let’s be real, Dylan already is.

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