Veteran actress Jin Yinji’s dancing is successful on TikTok, Leisure Information & High Tales

SINGAPORE – Veteran actress Jin Yinji, 74, showed off her dance moves on TikTok – and they are adorable.

Due to one of her two helpers, known as @ mhabz_05, she can be seen joining dance challenges, waving her hands in the air, and waving her hips with enthusiasm.

The trio, often with their grandson, made a few videos together. The helpers love Jin, whom they affectionately call “nai nai” or grandma in Chinese.

While the actress doesn’t appear in many videos, those in which she appears have received up to 189,000 views.

In appreciation, she asked her helper to write a message that read, “My Nai Nai would like to thank everyone.”

Even if she’s not tech savvy or doesn’t understand all of the memes, she’s a good sport when it comes to appearing on social media.

In a video showing the opening riff of Total Eclipse Of The Heart with the chorus “Turn Around”, her helpers are seen getting up in time for the music and turning around, while Jin, strangely, is always one stroke behind.

The actress is currently featured on Channel 8’s long-running drama series Recipe Of Life, which airs at 7:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Fans who grew up with the Channel 8 veteran, who was first named one of the Top 10 Most Popular Artists at the 2018 Star Awards at age 70, enjoyed a look at TikTok.

She was a breath of fresh air on a social media platform dominated by young nubile dancers.

Commentators raved about how cute she is and how warm she is to her helpers, and asked for more of such healthy content.

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