Vanderbilt alum Chris Ruediger creates Nashville’s first TikTok “hype home” – The Vanderbilt Hustler

The 615 House ensures musical creativity and collaboration right in the heart of Music City.

615 House members via Instagram @ the615house (Justin Mayotte)

Chris Ruediger (BA ’20) has done a lot since joining Vanderbilt Hustler Tiny Dorm Concerts Series. After graduating in economics in late 2020, he co-founded Nashville’s own “Hype House”, aptly named 615 House.

A hype house is a house where many creators, maybe TikToker, YouTubers, or musicians, come together to collaborate and produce content. The main goal of a hype house is to promote each other’s brands and platforms in order to collectively grow the fan base.

Unlike other hype houses, the 615 House is made up entirely of Nashville artists and songwriters working together to promote each other’s music and collaborate with one another. The other writers in the house are Ashley Cooke, Cooper Alan, Alexandra Kay, Tigirlily, Bonner Black, Sammy Arriaga, and Thomas Mac.

“I think the unique thing about 615 House is that it focuses on the songwriting of all of its members,” said Rüdiger. “Some other hype houses are rooted in dance- or personality-based concepts, but ultimately, when you break the 615 house, it’s about the music.”

The TikTok of the 615 house has grown to almost 700,000 followers in just 8 months.

@ the615house

Here is a new game for you! # the615house #singinggame fyp.

♬ Original sound – The 615 house

“We got very close and like to show our personality, but we try to be as real as possible with our supporters,” said Rüdiger.

In the house Rüdiger and the other artists made music in the genre “Modern Pop Country”.

“Artists like Sam Hunt, Brett Young and Jordan Davis influence me a lot. I try to combine pop melodies with honest storytelling and assignable texts, ”said Rüdiger.

Although Rüdiger himself has released new music separately from the TikTok house, COVID-19 has affected his musical journey as personal concerts are currently being interrupted.

“It was very difficult for us artists and our teams because we are not able to be on the road and play live music, from which most of our income comes,” said Rüdiger. “I tried reaching out to Instagram and TikTok instead to keep connecting with my fan base. That way I can still play live virtual concerts and share new music. “

@ the615house

It still burns 6 # the615house

♬ Original sound – The 615 house

For the time being, Rüdiger is looking forward to hopefully performing live again in the near future. He is looking forward to live shows that he has planned on March 23 and 24 in Ole Red and The Listening Room. For current students interested in a musical career, Rüdiger emphasizes how they should use the College in Music City.

“The nice thing about Vanderbilt is its location. In Nashville there are so many ways to get involved in the music industry, be it through labels, publishing, booking or management, ”said Rüdiger. “Don’t be afraid to apply for an internship, this is the best way to find out if it will suit you in the long term.”

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