USG Downtown turns to TikTok for scholar outreach

USGD joined the app to help connect better with students and make the student government appear more accessible

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“USG tries other ways to get in touch with students.” Illustration published on Wednesday, October 14, 2021.

By Morgan Fischer | 02/21/2021 6:30 p.m.

To improve the reach for students, especially remote students, the Undergraduate Student Government Downtown has set up a TikTok account.

The account is pretty new, with its first post on February 2nd. He currently has 18 followers and four posts, but USGD plans to gain more traction, given the popularity of TikTok with students, to engage with students in a casual way.

The idea of ​​creating the account for the first time came last semester, said USGD President Nora Thompson.

“We figured most students would have TikTok accounts, so we should meet them halfway,” said Thompson, a senior who studies civil service and public order. “We could use that to get students excited about what we do in the student government.”

John Brown, director of communications at USGD, runs the organization’s social media, including its TikTok account.

“We try to post relevant videos and relevant information not only to make sure we are connected to clubs and organizations, but (to) ensure that they can have the best college experience possible, even in a global pandemic,” said Brown, a sophomore studying journalism, said.

Several USGD members have their own TikTok accounts, including Fernanda Ruiz Martinez, director of public relations and senator for the Cronkite School. Martinez featured prominently in USGD’s second TikTok for daily health checks.

“It’s not serious, it’s mostly about having fun. This is TikTok, ”said Martinez.

Video creation is a major advancement with each member contributing ideas in a dedicated Slack channel.

“We had a lot of fun with it,” said Thompson.

As for other ideas, the account has been tracking popular trends on TikTok, adding a USGD and ASU spin to each video.

USGD members hope the account will allow students to view them as more accessible. Soon they’ll be launching a TikTok series where members are giving viewers a glimpse into their lives through the app, starting with Thompson, she said.

Thompson is not seen in any of the TikToks and is often behind the camera. The contributions are shot in the offices of the USGD.

“I enjoyed it very much,” said Thompson. “I just walked in (to USGD’s offices) and said, ‘Hey, I’m filming a TikTok, you’ll be there, just try to act naturally.”

The TikToks were also posted on USGD’s Instagram account and stored in the account’s account Roll. Have three of the videos has collected over 1,000 views.

“We saw a lot of engagement on Instagram,” said Brown. “Reels does a really good job, it’s a good mix of posting important content that needs to be sent to our constituents.”

While the reach is currently small, USGD is looking to expand the TikTok account to reach more students on and off campus.

“It’s a fun way to spice it up, as clubs and organizations are usually known for being traditional,” Brown said.

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