Two guys searching for mates go viral on TikTok after some individuals mock them

An open invitation from a couple of friends to hang out has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter. Although they have been mocked a little, a lot more people seem willing to take up their offer.

TikTok user Brently probably didn’t expect the attention a clip posted with his friend Jeff, but her simple request to hang yourself went viral and received a lot of attention – for better or for worse.

The clip itself is pretty straightforward, with Brently introducing himself and Jeff, explaining their interests, grabbing snacks, and hanging out a movie.

@brentlyg ## newbrunswick comment or drop us a message to be our friend, my email is [email protected] ## Friendship ## lonleypeople ♬ original sound – Brently

However, many people on the internet took the opportunity to try to get Brently and Jeff straight to the point, with one calling the TikTok “the most depressing shit I’ve ever seen”.

Despite the haters, or maybe thanks to them, the open invitation from the two “pretty cool guys” for more friends to join their group went viral and a lot of people accepted their offer.

The original TikTok has received millions of views since its release, and when the video landed on Twitter it quickly hit nearly 2 million views and counts.

Friend offers came from all over the place, including YouTuber DonutOperator, and one person even dubbed the couple TikTok’s “Jay and Silent Bob” as Brently seems to be leading the whole conversation while Jeff is more of the tough, quiet guy – just like the characters from the Clerks movies.

Fuck you these guys are great

– Donut Operator 🍩 (@DonutOperator) June 18, 2021

This brings us to another important question, does Jeff ever speak, or does he, like his counterpart, Silent Jay, prefer to keep quiet all the time? As luck would have it, Brently has posted more TikToks since then, and some of them feature Jeff talking briefly and even making a joke or two.

@brentlygWe will hang out all day today ## friendship ## bestfriends ## sandals ## hangingout ♬ original sound – Brently

What’s next for this unexpected, dynamic duo who are taking over social media? It seems like more movies, snacks, and park get-togethers are being planned, which definitely sounds like a good time to us.

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