Tweepsmap Clever Twitter Analytics And Visualization

TweepsMap is an excellent Twitter tool for both analyzing and visualizing your Twitter network.

As it’s name suggests it does this by showing you how your followers are distributed on a map, in terms of percentages.

You can see the distribution of my followers below. Clearly most of my followers are in the USA and Canada, however it is cool to know where my followers are all over the globe.

This follower data can also be viewed at the province/state, as seen below, or even at the city level.


TweepsMap also provides other awesome analytics options, such as the ability to view inactive people you follow who have not tweeted within three or six months.

Here are a few of the other powerful features of Tweepsmap.

Mapping followers worldwide, interactively and to a city level. Discover followers and influencers by location so you can design campaigns accordingly.

Intelligent publishing. Straightforward publishing based on followers interests at that moment, Best time to Tweet (by region), Tweet scheduler and more.

Analyze influencers and competitors. Comprehensive analysis of any account (including competitors).

The best time to tweet. This new Tweepsmap feature shows you the best time to tweet based on when your followers are online, and also based on the best amplification potential for your tweets (the followers of your followers).

Schedule tweets to automatically send at the best time. Schedule any day number of tweets, any day in the future, define repeat frequency (if at all), edit when required – and Tweepsmap will automatically pick up the time of the day (based on your best times to tweet profile).

Growth/decline by region: absolute number, as well as delta on daily, weekly, monthly, or customized by campaigns dates.

Measure impact and reach so you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

Unique. In-depth analytics and engagement.

There are too many other awesome features of TweepsMap to describe at length here but I will be doing a full review of this Twitter tool in the near future so stay tuned for that, and in the mean time check them out!

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