Tonawanda sweet retailer goes viral on TikTok; sells out of sweet

All is well now, but she quickly learned that viral success can be like sugar. It’s great up to a point.

TONAWANDA, NY – A local business owner’s social media post received so much exposure it closed it.

All is well now, but she quickly learned that viral success can be like sugar. It’s great up to a point.

“Somebody placed an order and asked me to pack it on camera,” said Jessica Stevenson, owner of Hello, Sweets! in Tonawanda. “I just looked through it and put it on camera, I didn’t know anyone would find it interesting.”

But you just never know what people will find interesting on the internet or what they will do about it. When they saw Jessica Stevenson packing up these candies in her Tonawanda store, they wanted … in a big way. The store’s TikTok business skyrocketed and orders started rolling.

“It was worth a month in two days. So it was crazy. But good. It was good,” said Stevenson.

But there is only one other thing …

“They cleared the whole place, we had to close for a few days,” said Stevenson. “When we started doing business, we didn’t even have a website. So COVID led us to create this website. And a year later, the website is wiping out our inventory entirely.”

Jessica left a corporate desk job for the sweet life in 2019. She calls out hello, candy! Candy and Pop Shop your little shoebox. packed with sugary treasures to satisfy every sweet tooth.

“I got into some kind of candy store just because I wanted to make people happy,” said Stevenson. “Sweets have always made me happy. I have fond memories of going to candy stores.”

Now Jessica is looking forward to something else that will make her happy; Connect with their customers in their business.

“It’s an experience we’ll always remember,” she said. “I just hope that all of this will bring us more local customers. Our local customers are really our bread and butter. I like shipping, but I like talking to people who come into the store and have people physically I do.” I am very excited to be reopening the store and this time making sure my online inventory is segregated from my inventory so we don’t have to close the store again when we get a lot of online orders. I will be able to stay open this time. “

You never know where a social media post could lead.

Jessica is in the process of replenishing the store. They are open again on Friday, March 4th, from 1pm to 7pm and on Saturday from 11am to 4pm for anyone who wants to stop by and say hello, candy!

Hello candy! located at 50 Main Street Suite A in Tonawanda.

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