TohidulAlam Khan, the TikTok sensation shares high tricks to entice viewers and acquire large recognition

Social media has revolutionized people’s lives today. Not only are people using these platforms to network and gain knowledge of the outside world, but dozens of people have gathered a mass audience that follows them religiously, which in turn creates more opportunity, fame, and wealth for these talent boxes.

TohidulAlam Khan, who currently resides in New York and is originally from Bangladesh, is one such internet sensation that has amassed a huge following in recent years due to his enticing looks and perfectly lip-synced TikTok videos.

As an actor / model who has many projects planned throughout his career, he shares some of the top tips that budding social media stars can help them get inspired.

– Choose a platform and stick to it at the beginning

Tohidul believes that every social media platform caters to a specific type of audience that needs to be considered when creating entertaining content. For example, if you are into Bollywood / drama etc, you can use short video platforms like Tiktok or even explore Instagram roles or Facebook short videos can be a good place to start. Once you’ve settled on a platform, stick with it and you’ll see people flock in.

– Practice and focus on your strengths

There cannot be a surefire recipe for success for social media, every person can have different strengths. Some like Tohidul are great at lip syncing, focusing on your strengths and practicing every day to show your best version online. Remember, there are many who want to explode, but only a few actually.

– Provide consistent but high quality content that is trending

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to build your audience is by personalizing trending content and letting the world find you as such content is easy to absorb.

You can find some of his quirkiest content on his accounts here-

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