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Caroline Vernon, Career Transition Practice Leader at Intoo USA, says TikTok has replaced video resumes in the application process.

“Creating a video résumé is no longer the focus of job search strategies. If you share your value with prospective employers within 60 seconds, you will increasingly stand out for all ages. It has become a popular method, ”says Vernon. “Some companies have done away with the long and monotonous application process and share with job seekers why they fit in“ perfectly ”with video posts with specific hashtags to improve findability. I ask. With more than 689 million monthly users on TikTok alone, businesses are leveraging this huge audience to open positions in more creative ways. “

So how can you or a job seeker you know get started with TikTok? Here are four tips:

Draw attention to your dream employer

“Are you looking for a job as a speaker? Show your skills on your profile. Would you like to get into the tech industry? Enchant heroes with impressive skills in TikTok videos, ”said influencer. Justin Kline, co-founder of marketing firm Markerly, said. “The best way to get a job is to show that you can already do it.”

Be precise

“TikTok values ​​brevity and we recommend using it to describe work-related skills and experience as succinctly and creatively as possible,” said Nectar, CEO of HR Software Developer. said Trevor Larson. “For example, a talented graphic designer can show a time-lapse video that completes a project from scratch. TikTok is a visual medium for recruiting managers to think of you. , Ideal for industries that need to present their job portfolio. “

How to use TikTok to find a job | lifestyle

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